The use of pure oxygen in Fish Farming

The oxygen supply into the fish farms pools, is very a important issue for the farmers, because its level into the water influences heavily the following factors:

  1. survival of fish,
  2. growth speed,
  3. food assimilation.

During the last ten years, thanks to the acquired experience in controlling and managing fish farms, many technologies about oxygenation have been developped to suit the different needs. At present many farms find extremely profitable the automatic supply of oxygen directly into their pools or tanks. The use of this technology, even though the initial investment is considerably, allows to maintain into the pool a level of oxygen saturation near to 100%, comparing to the normal manual supply which can reach a maximum level around 70-75%. The possibility to keep the level of saturation point so high, gives good healty conditions to the fish. This leads to improve the above mentioned factors and, as a result, gives manu advantages as for the followuings details:

  1. more efficient food digestion,
  2. high levels of good conversion,
  3. better growth speed,
  4. high resistant to diseases,
  5. more oxidizing environment that reduce the possibility of accumulation of oxidizer materials on the bottom of tanks.

System without PC

In each tank to be monitored an oxygen probe will be installed. The probes converge to some control units which:

  • Allow to visualize on a display the oxygen values.
  • Active alarms in case of risk.
  • Active some machines and/or electrovalves for controlled oxygen delivery.

The control unit is provided with a small keyboard and a display screen to simultaneously the oxygen and the temperature (only if it is also installed the temperature probe) and can provide the following information: low  and max. alarm oxygen; manual and / or automatic oxygen calibration ,  control oxygenations machine , timer control for additional functions such as the automatic distribution of the feed, thermo-photo-period, etc..; external alarm level, temperature, etc. . The control units are usually assembled in IP65 cabinets, so that they can be installed in the open area being resistant to bad conditions; the Control cabinets can be integrated by electric line controlled by machines for oxygen dissolution.

System with PC

Each control cabinet is connected to a pC through a communication net. From the PC it is possible to perform any operation. This system allows to:

  • Centralize the information in order to know always in real time the plant conditions. This peculiarity is very important for fishfarms with a large number of tanks, or tanks located in a wide area.
  • Recording of the controlled parameters.
  • Data tele-transmission for ine or more distance-controlled installations, or simply to be alerted in case of average.

Registrare lo storico di tutti i parametri controllati e loro elaborazione grafica. Trasmettere i dati di uno o più impianti a distanza o semplicemente essere allertati in caso di avaria. Archiviare tutti gli allarmi registrati. Possibilità di installare il punto di allarme e attivazione di tutte le unità di dissoluzione dell’ossigeno. Particolari funzioni del programma