System description

An artificial light and temperature cycle can be easily programmed via computer to obtain:

  • night/day cycle control by changing luminosity in each tank via the control of lamps actuation;
  • temperature control during the reproducing cycle via hot and cold water injection adjusment.
  • Each tank is independently managed and controlled.

Luminosity automatically managed via control of electrical switchboards which interface the lamps. A proper device allows to regulate neon-lamps brightness intensity, for dawn and sunset simulation ot to obtain different bright intensity during the different cicle phases.

Temperature managed via the automatic control of an actuator which regulates the themperature of the entering water in conformity of the value detected by the probe. Following to requirements the actuator can be a 3- ways valvefor hot and cold water dosing, an heat axchanger or a resistance.

Alarms in case of failure in the programmed system sensors will actuate the alarms. Both temperature and luminosity alarm are managed.

System architecture

The system is equiped with a PC which guarantee a very easy input of the manipulation parameters transmitted to a local processor which operate independently and autonomously from the PC. Due to a software developed in Windows enviroment, each tank can be separately managed; night/day manipulation, brightness intensity and lenght so that dawn and sunset real conditions can be reproduced. All this in a very flexible and independent way. Data input by means of electronic spreadsheets; data viewing by means of graphics fo each variable. Software upgrade and system modification aer available in caseof fishfarm widening. The system is implemented so that it works in manual too.

Main components of the system

Control cabinet

Equipped with a serial connection for communication to PC. Supplied to client completely hard-wired and tested. For each tank, displays (control unit) allow to manage automatically light and temperature in conformity of the data transmitted by the PC. Installed beside tanks, equipped with visual alarm.

Lighting lamps  

Lamps are placed inside Back-plate-lamp-holders and are equipped with an electronic device allowing dawn and sunset manipulation in programmed pariods.

Ways valve of inlet water T° control

Inside each tank a 3 ways PVC valve is installed. This allow to mix cold and hot water, in order to guarantee the required temperature.

Temperature sensores

The system is also equipped with nr.2 temperature sensors for each tank:  one is placed beside the valve for inlet water control, the other one directly in the tank.

Photoelectric cell

In each tank is placed a photoelectric cell which detects luminosity conditions in order to ensure the proper system working, or to warn operators in case of alarm.

Head PC control

Personal computer equipped with specific software for an easy parameters programming during long periods, also involving more than one annual cycle. Connected to the control cabinet by means of only one cable:

The software has the following functions:

  • description in a graphic form of all the parameters variables detected in real time
  • Light and temperature data recording
  • Archieve of all temperature and luminosity alarms detected
  • Pre-setting of all specifications concerning the solar year and the manipulated periods reffered to it, daily temperature.