The absolute innovation available now is WFC ( WebFishControl), web-based monitoring designed with a new working idea.

It allows the farmer to check, control and operate in any moment on the farming parameters. All system is available for internet; the data collected from the tanks are sent to the Tecnos server or the Customer server and dealt by WFC software.

The operator can use an Internet access worldwide, using his username and password, and enters into its tanks parameters reading in real time each value.

Main advantages are manifest: the possibility to control and monitor farms based in different countries (like fish farming groups that have farms in Spain, Greece and Italy) from one single place; saving for the fishfarmer on the fix station in the farm, use every internet access station (lap tops linked to the net, worldwide internet points. etc..); every new release (software updating) is automatically loaded by Tecnos; every upgrading or modification (parameter expansions or increase of tanks to monitor) is carried out by Tecnos technicians in a remote mode.

The system also can be used on existing monitoring systems by integrating them.

If the operator clic on the value, he can modify the limits of each parameter.

Futhermore it is possible collect all data in tables and use Excel fot the other application.