OxyWiFi2 unit doesn’t require any sort of installation or connection because it works through wireless data transmission. This way, the user can autonomously realize a complete, safe and cheap monitoring system, ready to be used.

OxyWiFi2 Plus scheme
OxyWiFi2 Plus scheme

OxyWiFi2 unit provide the following features:

    • Intelligent stand-alone unit for oxygen checking and monitoring of a single tank
    • Simultaneous management of oxygen, temperature and PH
    • One output port for a single oxygenator
    • One alert output port
    • WiFi connection between the stan-alone unit and the central station
    • Internet data uploading for WEB Monitoring
    • Wireless connection; Basic user-friendly installation

Oxygen and temperature probes send data to stand-alone units, which provide the recorded values management for each tank, the oxygen dissolution systems activation and alarms trigger.

Each unit is connected to a central station (CS) through WiFi connection. The CS provides the following capabilities from any PC connected to the Internet:

  • Real-time displaying of monitored values (dissolved oxygen, temperature, etc.)
  • Monitored values storage and graphic processing thereof
  • Alarm set-point setting and activation setting for planned and automatic intervention valves, oxygen machines, pumps, etc.
  • Detected alarms storage and management
  • WFC app for system online management through any device connected to the Internet

The new OxyWiFi2 allows to manage the feeders.

It’s possible to integrate it with solenoid valves and flowmeters ( OxyWiFi2 Plus)