This probe has been specifically projected for the fishfarming Sector and it is now used in some thousand of units.

The probes are nowadays used almost for monitoring and automatic oxygen control in fishfarming tanks, for which the probe has been spcifically studied. Due to its robustness, easy maintanance and installation required in acquaculture, the probe has the following characteristics.

Technicaks details:

External parts totally in synthetic material.
Easy and economic replacement of the membrane which is changed only in case of its mechanical damages.
Device for membrane mechanical protection.
High flexibility in the installation: connection of the probe to the control cabinet through a bipolar cable covering a distance of 200 mt.
The oxygen measurement can be made at different temperatures as long these is an auto-compensation cicruit of the temperature composed by a sensor and electronic circuit inside the probe itself.

Diameter: 40 mm, Lenght: 80 mm
Weight: 250 gr including 3 mt cables (other dimensions only on request)