The system is made by an automatic line which allows to weight and to selection each fish unit and to group them in determinated quantity ready to be stored in boxes.
Description of the machine operating

The fish is put in the tank adapt to receive it after its fishing.

From this it is transferred by  an elevetor to the alimentation flat-belt.

The operator introduces the fish in the alimentation belt at low speed.

From here the fish falls in hte acceleration belt which position it properly, gives more speed and send it ti the weighing belt.

The fish is weight and then transferred to the selction belt.

The control system  then deviate the corresponding arm concerning the proper exit so that the fish falls in the corresponding box.

When a boxreaches the programmed weight, the fish falls in the underlyng case and the operator is warned so that he can start the storage in the boxes.

It is possible to mount an eventual shunting ribbon which moves in an automatic manner the boxes full of fish to the packing section.

The tank to receive the fiah is made so that it separates the fish from eventual ice, it is also equipped by elevator with washing.

The fedding belt allows to speed the fish before to move it on the weighing belt.

The balance which is joint to the weighing blet allows to weight the fish while it is moving.

The software for the balance manging allows through a statistical analysis, to settle boxes of a predeterminated weight, each box with with a programmed fish size.

The selection belt is created with 10 outpus which represents the min. number to guarantee an acceptable overweight in case of different size.

It is possible to add further exits in case of particular needs.

The exits are made by onses on which the fish is stored.

Description of the single components
  • Tank to receive the fish

The tank to receive the fish it is sized to contain about 500 Kg of fish and it is completed by an elevator belt 430mm width. A circulation pump is foreseen for the fish washing  and ice sepratore.

  • Feeding belt

This belt is 950 mm long and 300 mm width and allows to load the fish for the following step i.e. the fish weighing. It allows to send 90 pieces per minute.

      • Weighing belt

The weighing belt and the corresponding balance represents the heart of the system. It allows a theoretic capacity of 100 pieces per minute (this speed depends from the fish size and from the loading at the origin) with a 2 gr of precision. Apart from precise speed the most important characteristics of  this component are the robustnessand reliability which are fundamental in this particular application. The control system is completed by an industrial PLC of the new generation with a statistic software which allows to reduce the waste of weight as the selection proceeds. The balance is equipped with a simple interface which allows a complete management of all the operations. Also it is connected ti the supervising PC from which it is possible to access to all functions. The belt is 800 mm long and 250 mm width.

      • Selecting belt

The selecting belt is 6000 mm long and 300 mm wide. Equipped with 10 exits made by deviation arms with pneumatic control. Distance between the arms 600 mm. It is possible to extend that belt in order to increase the number of exits.

      • Case for dischange

The cases pick up the fish deviated by the arms. When the quantity reaches the desired weight the charging door is closed and luminous dial lamp turns on in order to inform the operator to empty the case, thorugh a proper button reopen the charging door.
As an option it is possible to mount a futher belt which allows to move the full boxes and bring them in the packing sector. This phase can be automated too.

      • Pc completed with software and supervising

The system is composed by a PC connected to the control PLC with a supervising function.It allows to program all the machine parameters, the monitoring in the working real time, the diagnostic with historical managing ofthe alrams. I also allows the production managing by memorizing the total production and the production per hour, statistics as concerns periods and quantities etc.
All the software is created in Windows 98 enviroment and can be personalized according to the plant needs. All the system is made by inox steel AISI 316 and synthetic material.

Technical features
  • Max theoretical selection speed: 100 pieces/min. The real speed is aproximately 80% of the theoretic because of the manual supplyng
  • Single piece precision: 2 gr
  • Final box precision: 1%
  • Number of exit: 10
  • Loading belt dimension: 1500 mm x 300 mm
  • Belt conveyor dimension: 950 mm x 300 mm
  • Weighing belt dimension: 800 mm x 250 mm
  • Selecting belt dimension: 6000 mm x 300 mm
  • Max length for every piece: 500 mm
  • Max width for every: 200 mm
  • Electrical power: 380 Volts/50 Hz max consumption
  • Pneumatic power: pipes max 6 bar, min 4 bar
  • Warking temperature: 5-45 C°