WFP allows the surveillance of fish farms remotely through a web interface that is accessible from any internet-connected device.

The WFP system is composed of similar Internet elements WiFi and UMTS.

The system is fully installed on existing sea sites either pola circles or cage and is completely indipendent.


You don’t need any dedicate software, but just a Internet connection (MS IE) and Active-X
You can access from any PC online
The software update is automatic

Specification of System:

  • 1 IP Video Camera PTZ Hight Definition Multi Directional
  • 1 Radar
  • 1 Self powered system comprising Photo Electric Solar panels, Wind Generator and Accumulator
  • 1 Self powered Lighting
  • 1 Acoustic and vision signal system

The system video/radar is equipped with a calibrate function of motion detection, it detects the guards signals and send any information to the remote server machine by a Wi Fi connection (if the distance is acceptable) or by UMTS technology.

The collect information will be saved on a remote server machine, indepentent from the plant and visualized on a display. The rempte server setup and test all WFP system.

The remote server has the ability to log and send reports, alarms can be sent to your mobile phone to allow you a rapid response to control the situation.

By means of a personal user ID and Password throught the Internet you can have full control of the sea site to view, look at log and check your stock, see if feeders are operating, check the operation of sub sea lighiting.

You can have the PTZ control from IP camera such as:

pan= horizontal movement

tilt = vertical movement


solar panel



wind system

display view

image of the system