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OxyBuoy – Monitoring on buoy

Oxybuoy is the completely independent solution that Tecnos propose to monitoring water.

The system is mounted on a solid steel structure and includes a 10W photovoltaic panel.

The 6.6 Ah lithium battery allows Oxybuoy to perform up to 10 days of detection in complete absence of light.

In its basic version it is equipped with a high-precision optical oxygen probe which is also compensated by pressure through the integrated sensor.

On each buoy, a small intelligent and autonomous system is installed with the task of acquiring all the information and retransmission it to the ground. It is a microprocessor system that lends itself to maximum expandability according to the needs that may arise.

In addition to the control system, all the probe control units and all the transceiver systems are positioned in a suitable watertight framework.

Data transmission to ground stations is by means of a modem based on standard GSM/GPRS cellular network ( if available).
This solution is definitely the most advantageous as it allows you to use the cellular network ensuring a safe and continuous transmission. The data are transmitted directly on the Internet and can be transmitted with a variable rate and can be set by central station.